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Sculpture Meets Function

‘Sculpture Meets Function’ is a small series exploring sculptural forms as ceramic side tables. Drawing from inspiration and concepts…

Unseen Interiors

Ceramic vessels are normally encountered as distinct objects in space, characters of certain shapes on a stage. We aren’t…

Art Hotel East

The Broadview Hotel, like its sister hotel Gladstone House, is filled with art. Thea Reid’s works on paper are…

宴 | Found in Translation

Drawing inspiration from art and craft histories and our own cultural backgrounds, Mao Projects presents an installation of ceramic…

Digital Clay

Printing clay is a new, digital approach to a familiar material. While the homogeneous nature of clay has been…

The Form Finds Me.

“My collection of vessels is the result of a meditative process. This series of similarly sized bright white porcelain…

A Chunk of Silver and Some Mud

In this first collaboration, ‘A Chunk of Silver and Some Mud’, former classmates Nicolas Soni and Gillian Maradyn-Jowsey use…


In the exploration of organic and unusual shapes in nature, illustrator Lauren Pearson and ceramicist Leah Lavergne have collaborated…

Better Together

‘Better Together’ is a collaboration between High Noon (Leah Lavergne) and Hayley McOstrich born out of fun and friendship….

100 Vases

‘100 Vases’ is inspired by the possibilities presented when objects come together, and the dialogue that happens between them….