Cafe Curtains
Jan 15
Jan 31 2023
window installation in-person

‘Cafe Curtains’ invites viewers to rethink their definition of materials that might normally be considered refuse. Working with used tea or coffee bags and filters, textile artist Jennifer Coghill wants to inspire conversations about alternative ways to look at what we might otherwise throw away. By reimagining the after-use of these unusual materials to create functional and decorative window panels, their humble origins are elevated and given an unexpected new existence.

The use of cafe curtains is thought to have originated in Vienna in the 19th century. Created to hang from a rod partway down a window frame, they provided cafe patrons with privacy from passersby while allowing sunlight to enter above. By situating her reinterpretation of this classic cafe decor in an actual coffee shop, Coghill further contextualizes her choice of materials and form. Using the panels to only partially obscure the windows, she allows viewers glimpses of the interior, creating a new perspective on both the work and its location.


Jennifer Coghill


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Jennifer Coghill
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