What Was, Now Is
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

In this first collaboration, ‘What Was, Now Is’, artist-designers Hilary Arellano and Holly Chang combine their multidisciplinary practices to dream up new terms for the life cycle of natural waste. On display will be a collection of experiments in biomaterial study, inviting viewers to reimagine food waste into everyday objects. The interplay between decorative waste within a furnished space is crafted to reflect our innate dependency on nature to provide a playful sense of place in the background of our lives.

Our creative efforts are focused on reflecting with nature in mind, acknowledging the natural formations accumulated and the forever life cycles that transition alongside us. Through harvesting materials and loose experimentation, we seed for ourselves a new perspective for recovering nature’s gifts. Post production takes shape in a new light, the elements are bent into new form. The recreation and rebirth of a product nearly disposed reestablishes itself here again.

DesignTO in the Trinity Bellwoods BIA

‘What Was, Now Is’ is one of 10 projects in the Trinity Bellwoods BIA, a vibrant neighbourhood running along Dundas Street West between Bathurst Street and Trinity Bellwoods Park. During the DesignTO Festival, you are are invited to walk Dundas Street West as a gallery, exploring the neighbourhood and seeing work from artists and designers in businesses’ storefronts and windows.

On Sunday, January 29, join DesignTO for ‘The Lifecycle of Objects‘ featuring Angela Cho, Hilary Arellano and Marcelline Siu at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre.


Hilary Arellano, Holly Chang, Naomi Ceppetelli, Jake Biggs, Virginia Prostean, Hooky's Fish & Chips, Taylor Berce


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Hilary Joyce Arellano