Nọrọ: Sit & Stay
Jan 20
Jan 29 2023
window installation in-person

As apartments get smaller and younger people move from place to place, the opportunities to make a space your own have significantly reduced. Landlords routinely obstruct renters from making changes to their property, even when they could help make the apartments feel more like homes. For a long time, Chuma Asuzu moved apartments frequently and resisted owning pieces of furniture to make those changes easier.

‘Nọrọ’ was designed to fit that nomadic lifestyle while still retaining some personality. The stool is made up of four parts that can be assembled in three simple actions with the bottom component functioning as storage for items like books or records. The stool also adapts to suit the needs of different places; in the living rooms, it can be used as a centre or side table, in the bedroom as a bedside table, and even outdoors as seating during public gatherings.

For the exhibition, ‘Nọrọ’ will be set up in three configurations that explore how the stool can be used to highlight its owner’s personality within their space.

DesignTO in the Trinity Bellwoods BIA

‘Nọrọ: Sit & Stay’ is one of 10 projects in the Trinity Bellwoods BIA, a vibrant neighbourhood running along Dundas Street West between Bathurst Street and Trinity Bellwoods Park. During the DesignTO Festival, you are are invited to walk Dundas Street West as a gallery, exploring the neighbourhood and seeing work from artists and designers in businesses’ storefronts and windows.

On Sunday, January 29, join DesignTO for ‘The Lifecycle of Objects‘ featuring Angela Cho, Hilary Arellano and Marcelline Siu at the Trinity Community Recreation Centre.


Chuma Asuzu


Who should visitors contact with questions regarding accessibility?
Chuma Asuzu
For projects with printed information, will it be available in large-format and/or Braille?
A large-format poster will be displayed beside the furniture, viewable through the window.
Are designated parking spots for persons with disabilities close to the entrance of the building?
Can people get to the venue using accessible transit?