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Finding Niña


Mon, Jan 15, 2018 — Sun, Jan 21, 2018


Window Installations



Location Accessible

Entro Communications

33 Harbour Square #202


Soonness is another name for Soon Cho, a Toronto-based artist with Korean roots. In Korean, Soon means ‘clear’, and following her name, her body of work expresses transparent & innocent colours of Korean inspired elements. Soonness creates flat art pieces to design objects and installations, often having flowers and plants, showing her love of nature. Soon puts herself in her work as ‘niña’ (Little Girl in Spanish), so as to emphasize the elements by putting a tiny figure, making them look bigger than life size.

For Toronto Design Offsite Festival 2018, Soonness will create a flower forest window installation to add some fantasy to the city, and challenge the public to find hidden Niñas (you will find out how many when you come). Come meet Niña and get lost in the flower forest this winter.

Image credits:

Barnardo Martos, Window painting at Entropia Paper Store, Barcelona
Bernardo Martos, Flower action painting
Soon Cho, Flower Forest Series
Soon Cho, Floral Nina Series
Soon Cho, Soonness Logo

Visit www.soonness.com to learn more.

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Soon Cho