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Sat, Jan 12, 2019 — Sun, Feb 3, 2019


Window Installations



Location Accessible

loop gallery

1273 Dundas Street West


Sylvia lee, Executive and Creative Director of Jeff Goodman Studio is pleased to present ‘Horizon’ for DesignTO 2019. Building on the multi-year success of the studio’s past projects for the Toronto Design Offsite Festival, Lee will return to traditional glass blowing with the ‘Horizon’ installation and fill the window at loop gallery with floor-to-ceiling blown glass pieces.

“Last year we really pushed the technical envelope with our origami inspired glass installation. This year with Horizon, we use traditional blown glass as a vehicle to inject unapologetic, intense, beautiful colour into a space. This is about passionate colour and how we can live with glass as an architectural element in our everyday life.”

On the concept, Lee says, “I imagined looking through the keyhole of a door, and seeing the horizon at sunset. I wanted to translate the intensity of colour in that micro experience into a macro expression. Horizon at loop gallery is that macro expression.”

The installation is adapted from the Cascade product popular with clients at Jeff Goodman Studio. It’s a customizable configuration of blown glass pieces that are engineered to hang from the ceiling or secured from the floor to ceiling.

Lee explains further. “Our Cascade product is a completely customizable tool we often present to clients, architects and designers who need architectural screens, chandeliers or installations for an interior. It’s a series of custom blown pieces engineered precisely to hang in suspended animation. They can control the colour, shape, layering, density and configuration. It’s a great tool for them to express their vision for a project and bring glass into the space.”


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Jeff Goodman Studio (Sylvia Lee)